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Q: What happens if my pet becomes injured or ill?
A: We are dedicated to excellent care of your pet. In the event of an emergency we will take your pet to your own vet or the nearest animal hospital. At the same time we will be contacting you or your emergency contact person.
Q: My pet requires medication. Is that a problem?
A: Absolutely not! We are accustomed to administering pills, injections, eye drops, ear drops, and any other personal requests.
Q: Does my pet have to wear a collar with a name tag including address and phone #?
A: Yes for obvious safety reasons. A name tag or microchip is always an added safety measure, but not required.
Q: How do I pay?
A: We accept cash and checks only.
Q: When is payment due?
A: Payment must be made in full when you pick up your dog.
Q: I have two or more dogs. Can they stay together?
A: Yes, our dog facilities have very large indoor/outdoor type runs. As long as your dogs get along together, they may share the same indoor/outdoor run. If they are small to medium sized dogs, they can share the same run. They must be able to eat well together. There is a 20% discount on the second dog if they share the same run.
Q: How much notice of cancellation do you need?
A: At least 48 hours.
Q: If I cancel with less than a 48 hour notice will I incur any fees?
A: Yes, $50 will be billed to you. Any cancellation made after 7:00AM on the day of a scheduled service or series of services are non- refundable.
Q: Will my pet come home with fleas?
A: No, we do not send pets home with fleas. Upon check-in, we inspect each pet thoroughly. If fleas, ticks or evidence of them are found, we must first treat the pet prior to entering the kennel. In addition we treat the entire facility with a broad spectrum germicidal disinfectant which also repels fleas and other types of insects.
Q: Do you have references?
A: Yes. We will provide upon request a list of a number of our satisfied clients with email contact information.
If you have additional questions please call, or email Joe 908-561-7098

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